2 Hole Carbon Fiber Grips

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  • High quality Carbon Fiber Grips. Built to last the most brutal workouts! Regardless of how sweaty it gets you will stick to any bar with the thin yet strong carbon fiber material. This way your grip is as close as possible to the bar.
  • Special Patented Design as a 2 Hole Carbon Fiber Grip this is the most versatile grip in the market. While being a Two Whole Carbon grip it offers a FULL palm coverage. It can also be used while placing your fingers in the holes or as a fingerless grip.
  • For Best Size Selection measure from the base of the palm to the base of your middle finger. From Small at 3.75'' to X-Large 6.00''. Small: 3.75"-4.25",  Medium 4.25"-4.75", Large 5.00"-5.50" and X-Large 5.50"-6.00"
  • Double Stitched Wrist  Strap that supports the wrist.
  • Get as Sticky as possible with the bar! The grips WILL stick with or with out chalk. You can enhance the grips by adding chalk to your palm directly.
  • Comes in Pairs!